You Need to let that $*!# Go!

Your micro-managing boss, the guy that cut you off in traffic...




Riverside still has a small town feel for such a large city. Our sangha is small as our zendo seats only ten so reserve your seat soon on meet-up. The link below will take you there.



Zen is a form of Buddism that focuses on mindfulness. We learn to cultivate this through the act of zazen which basically translates as "sitting meditiation".



Meditation is a concentrative exercise in which we can gradually learn to catch ourselves before we let those "knee jerk reactions" get us into trouble. You know the ones!

Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m.

3643 University Ave. • Riverside CA

Upstairs above Dragon Marsh in the Harada Building - erected 1886.

Due to the old and historic nature of this building, there is no elevator. Sorry for the inconvenience.



Join  us  on  2nd  Tuesdays  for  Dharma  talks  by  

Ven.  Jabo  Prajna  of  Single  Flower Zen,  Claremont  CA

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